Safe Sanctuaries/Security Team

 Team Leader * – Mark Zehnder 

Security Team Members: Dana Brown, Mike Brown, Don Espy, Scott Fletcher, Roger Giltner, Kathy Goodman, John Hrenko, Rev. Jim Kingry, Wesley Lennan, George Lynch, Greg Mabrey, Mia Millard, Mike Millard, Jerry Smith, John Stettler, Tim Totten, Isaac Veeder, Jim Ward, Mark Zehnder

Kentucky Conference Safe Sanctuaries Policy

Fern Creek UMC is a Safe Sanctuaries Church. All of our security team members have completed Safe Sanctuaries Training.

A Security Team member:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old, male or female
  2. Is trained by FCUMC, every 3 years, in Safe Sanctuaries protocol (as required by the UMC to protect children and at-risk adults).
  3. A background check provided by FCUMC is required per the UMC every 3 years, also related to the Safe Sanctuaries initiative.
  4. Has the opportunity to volunteer once or twice a month, to be vigilant to ensure the safety of your church family during: worship services, Sunday school hour, church dinners, Vacation Bible School, weddings, meetings, etc. 
    • This involves observing who enters the building, being sure the doors are locked when needed, seeing that no child or at-risk adult is unsupervised or placed in a vulnerable position.
  5. Security Team members are NOT required to carry a weapon.
  6. The Security Team meets for 30 minutes once a month for updates.

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