Safe Sanctuaries/Security Team


Desiree Weingarten


Team Leader * – Mark Zehnder
John Hrenko, Don Espy, John Stettler, Desiree
Weingarten, Mike Brown, Roger Giltner, Jerry Smith,
Pastor John Street, Mark Zehnder


Kentucky Conference Safe Sanctuaries Policy

Fern Creek UMC is a Safe Sanctuaries Church. All of our security team members have completed Safe Sanctuaries Training.

A Security Team member:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old, male or female

  2. Is trained by FCUMC, every 3 years, in Safe Sanctuaries protocol (as required by the UMC to protect children and at-risk adults).

  3. A background check provided by FCUMC is required per the UMC every 3 years, also related to the Safe Sanctuaries initiative.

  4. Has the opportunity to volunteer once or twice a month, to be vigilant to ensure the safety of your church family during: worship services, Sunday school hour, church dinners, Vacation Bible School, weddings, meetings, etc. 

    • This involves observing who enters the building, being sure the doors are locked when needed, seeing that no child or at-risk adult is unsupervised or placed in a vulnerable position.

  5. Security Team members are NOT required to carry a weapon.

  6. The Security Team meets for 30 minutes once a month for updates.


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