Street Reach

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FCUMC Street Reach exists to serve and support the homeless in Metro Louisville, as well as work alongside and network with our sister outreach groups. Almost every day of the week there are Street Reach team members in the streets of Louisville supplying much needed items such as water, clothing, food and tents to our Homeless Community but our team goes out AT LEAST once each week to serve our community. 

As the weather is turning colder, please remember our Homeless Community use sternos to keep themselves warm, and they are extremely effective; especially considering the way some folks winterize their tents and shelters. Sternos are one of our top priorities from now through March/April (6-hour sternos are the best). If you are considering a donation these would be greatly appreciated.

You can help by supplying water, batteries (all sizes), sternos, tents, gloves, $5 McDonald gift cards, socks, blankets, sleeping bags, hoodies, jeans. Drop items off in Darryl’s office or join the team in this vital outreach mission on Thursdays at 6 pm when the entire team heads out on the FCUMC bus.  

Contact Rev. Darryl Glass about these outreach opportunities for the Homeless.

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