Minister To Students


Rev. Darryl Glass
Minister to Students

Darryl loves kids!  He has a passion for working with teenagers and his favorite thing about serving in the church is the relationships he has developed over the years with the youth. He has served at Fern Creek UMC since 2002.
Outside of church, Darryl is a high school teacher and a former high school basketball coach.  He has been teaching high school since 1995 and retired from coaching in 2017 after 20 years.
When not working, you’ll find Darryl engaged in homeless outreach or walking in the park reading a book.  He considers Thomas Merton his favorite author and says writings from Merton’s many books have greatly influenced his life.  A few of his favorite books are: New Seed of Contemplation; Eager to Love; The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi; the Road Less Traveled.
Darryl grew up in Louisville and will tell you that he has lived in practically every section of town at one point or another.  He resides in the Highlands with his lovely wife, Kathy.  He has two adult children, Tyler and Erin, and an “amazing” grandson, whom he adores!  Tyler is a professional photographer and Erin teaches in the public school system.  His wife, Kathy, is a nurse.
While working with teenagers is what Darryl describes as his calling, he says he is an introvert at heart, finding personal comfort in being alone.  Asked what motivates him, he would like to think it is love, but admits that too often, it’s sugar!
Darryl describes Fern Creek UMC as a loving, caring and compassionate church and describes his vision for his ministry as one that would turn out Sermon on the Mount teenagers whose lives are driven by love, kindness and compassion.
He would love to get to know you and your children and invites you to visit and get to know the people of Fern Creek United Methodist Church.

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