Church Council

Fern Creek UMC 2024 Church Council*
Pastor Rev.John Street
Church Council Team Leader* Cheryl Stout
Asst. Team Leader of Council* John Stettler
Lay Leader* John Hrenko
Lay Member Kentucky Annual Conference* Lisa Newman
Alternate Members KY Annual Conference* Diana Newman
Treasurer* Lois Dambros
Recording Secretary/Historian* Lenora Roberts
Membership/Co-Recording* Kathy Goodman
President WIF* Carol Stallard
President UMM* Mike Freeman
UMYF Representatives* Josh and Katie Howard
At-Large Members of the Council* Jim Birch/Lucy Harris
Lay Caring Ministry* Lucy Harris
Church Maintenance Mark Zehnder


See the full team list below for a complete roster of each team, along with other important details.



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