Minister Of Music

Tom Stryker
Minister of Music 

Tom has been Minister of Music here at Fern Creek UMC since 2001.  He directs the choir for the Traditional service and participates in the praise band with the Praise and Worship service.  A versatile musician, Tom plays several instruments including guitar, bass and percussion.
Having grown up in Danville, Virginia, Tom left after high school to serve in the Air Force and later the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  He is a retired air traffic controller, as well as a private pilot and model aviation hobbyist.  He also tries to spend a good amount of time on the golf course!
Tom has been married to his lovely wife, Maggie, since 2004 and credits her as a major motivator and influence in his life.  They make quite a team!
The vision for Tom’s ministry is to enhance the overall worship experience by providing topical and meaningful music during services.  With both Praise and Worship as well as Traditional services offered weekly at FCUMC, Tom incorporates various types and genres of music into the worship experience.
Tom wants you to know that there is a place for you here at Fern Creek United Methodist Church.  If you have a musical talent that you’d like to share, please look him up after one of our services!

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