Director Of Children’s Ministry

Desiree Weingarten
Director of Children’s Ministries

Desiree became our Director of Children’s Ministry in August, 2022, after having grown up in FCUMC
where she was influenced by her parents, who are leaders of the Praise and Worship Team, our Minister
to Students, Rev. Darryl Glass, and “Jesus’ kindness and unconditional love.” She is motivated by a
child’s innocence and compassion towards all and is excited about having the chance to prepare the
future of our church. Her vision for her ministry is to teach our children to have the same love and
compassion as Christ and to show them how to serve the church and our community. Her passion is to
help cultivate a sense of acceptance and love for all people through the future of our church and the
world – our children. She would find it impossible to give up the Children’s Ministry. Desiree believes
our congregation is growing and loves the opportunity to welcome those who want to make the world a
better place. One of her interests is Forgotten Louisville because “it helps those who need help.”
Desiree also serves as FCUMC’s leader for the United Methodist Church’s Safe Sanctuaries program.
This is a program of local United Methodist Annual Conferences to assure conference, district, and local
church programs are welcoming and safe for children, youth and vulnerable adults.
She loves psychology books and all music (plays the cello and ukulele). Desiree seems to be working
most of the time, but does take time to crochet stuffed, huggable animals and spending time with her
family. Desiree and her husband, Matt, are veterans of the Air Force. After having served in the Air
Force for 22 years, she currently is employed at the Kentucky Air National Guard as a civilian
Department of Defense operations manager for the Civil Engineer Squadron. They are the parents of
two children…a son and daughter who are the center of their lives.
Your children will grow to love Jesus and Desiree as they experience the studies, activities and events of
our Children’s Ministry.

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