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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As of 02 April, 2020, we have transitioned to a new system for e-mail lists, based on the popular Mailman platform. We have replaced the legacy lists that were in place for most Sunday School classes, small groups, and teams, as well as the very important and popular church-wide “broadcast” list. Additional lists likely will be added in the near future.

Everyone who was a member of one of the legacy FCUMC e-mail lists has been subscribed to the corresponding new e-mail list. Please update your personal contacts database to reflect the new e-mail addresses for your lists and begin using these new addresses going forward.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that may be helpful:

Do you still have questions? Or any comments or suggestions on how to improve these e-mail lists? Leave a note below!


  1. Sue,
    You are so welcome! Thank you for your email comments. They are very uplifting!
    Take care, stay in and stay safe!!!

  2. Thanks Kathy. You know what we want, just to be included at FCUMC. Love ya

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