Church Pianist/Keyboardist

Sherri Massengale

Sherri Massengale became our pianist/keyboardist in July 2021. She has played piano and French Horn for Indiana churches in Anderson, Paoli, and Seymour, and one in Florida. Her love of music was nurtured from growing up in the Church of God of Anderson (Indiana), a music-loving church with wonderful church musicians who brought her to God through their all–out passion for good music.  Sherri wants to use any music in her, her hands, her mouth to inspire and energize people around her. She says she is also motivated by seeing God in others and that she is truly passionate about people!  She loves people!
She is also currently a data analyst for Toyota Material Handling in Columbus, Indiana. Sherri would find it impossible to give up her freedom, but when she is not working, her favorite way to spend time is with her kids, friends, and community.  Sherri is the mother of 12, and has two grandchildren and a wonderful life partner.

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