Pause Worship Service

“PAUSE” is a unique Sunday evening worship experience that takes place at 7:07 p.m. This service is a time where we have an intimate, passionate, prayerful time with our Lord as we begin a new week. The service contains a time of song, devotion, and ends with prayer. There is also a time for an anointing individuals with oil if requested. There is an individual prayer time at the altar. Individuals are dismissed when they complete their time of prayer. The pastor and others are available to pray with you if needed. We ask the body of Christ to support this service by attending, inviting those who may normally work on Sunday mornings and can’t make it to church, invite those who don’t have a church, or even those who do but are looking to attend an additional service at night. This is a service for all those who are seeking a time with the Lord where they can renew their hearts before beginning a new week.

Join us this Sunday for Pause!

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