Administrative Council and Teams

Fern Creek UMC 2017 Administrative Council

Pastor Rev., Dr. Timo Karvonen
Administrative Council Team Leader Jim Birch
Asst. Team Leader of Council, Stephen Ministry John Stettler
Lay Leader Greg Coffey
Lay Member Kentucky Annual Conference Lisa Newman
Alternate Members KY Annual Conference Diana Newman
Treasurer Lois Dambros
Recording Secretary/Historian Lenora Roberts
Membership/Co-Recording Linda Russell
President UMW Barbara Zophy
President UMM, Scouting Coordinator Mike Brown
Youth Ministry Representatives Josh Howard, Katie Howard
PaceSetters President JoAnn Thomas
At-Large Member of the Council Billy Malcom
Lay Caring Ministry, Stephen Ministry Lucy Harris
Church Maintenance Mark Zehnder
Finance Craig Jennings
Outreach Cheryl Stout
Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries Sheila Sullivan, Bob Brent
Portland Promise Center TBD
Kentucky UM Children’s Home Scottie Meade
Wesley Manor Ambassador Carol Forehand
Open Table John Glover, Allen Zophy
Scouting Coordinator Mike Brown
Children’s Ministry Beth Lennan
Youth Ministry Darryl Glass
Trustees Roger Giltner
Staff-Parish Relations Tim Distler
Christian Education Coulter Marvel
Memorial and Endowments TBD
Evangelism Jim Ward, Dolores Ward
Communications Tim Totten
Safe Sanctuaries Dave Mulvey
Higher Education and Campus Ministry Kim Roberts
Worship Cheryl Giltner
Parents’ Day Out (PDO) Rhonda Jacobs


REMINDER: Each Team Leader is responsible for managing the budgeted monies for their respective team. Before any expenditures are made, be sure to check with the Team Leader regarding available funds. If you have any questions regarding spending for an item that is to be reimbursed, please contact the Church Office.

See the team membership listing (PDF format) for complete roster of each team, along with other important details.

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