FCUMC Service 5-17-2020

Comm Team

Fern Creek United Methodist Church Communications Team


  1. First of all, thank you for sharing your concerns. They are very important, and I will relay these considerations to the Worship Team leaders who I plan the service with.

    Concerning the third consideration on having a “contemporary” service on Thursday night and “traditional” service on Sunday, let me share our reasoning for offering a more “blended” service on Thursday Evening and Sunday morning. By the way, hopefully these adaptions are just for a short time period (maybe 6-8 weeks–maybe longer).

    The Team made a decision early on to prioritize the need to continue to provide a videotape of an entire service so that people can actually watch it on Sunday morning. This comes from the fact that we fully realize that even when we reopen for in-person services, nearly 40-50% of our church family will still either have to or choose to be at home for quite a much longer period of time.

    With Tom Stryker putting in anywhere from 10-16 hours to edit a service, we know that he can only do one per week not two. That one has to be on Thursday night to give Tom Friday and Saturday to work on the editing. We didn’t want to make Thursday night either an all Contemporary or all Traditional–because that is the only service that is being taped. For example, if we did a Thursday night Contemporary, those needing to be at home would only get a full Contemporary video-taped service at home every Sunday (or vice-versa if it were Traditional).

    Our heart is for all the congregation to get some elements of the service that they prefer. This is where we decided to do a blended service on both Thursday night and Sunday morning. We realize that no solution is perfect and we continue to discuss and make adaptions.

    I very much thank you for sharing from your heart, and I will share this with our Worship Team leaders to see how we might can better adapt the service. Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ and FCUMC!

    In Christ,

    Pastor Jim Kingry

  2. Faithful Member

    Please, please give much more respect to the traditional form of worship than is currently being given. The so-called “contemporary” singing is not very good quality and reminds some of the Tammy Faye Baker approach where the singers are the focus of the service.

    — Please have the pastor, Jim Kingry, give a brief welcome to each service, whether it be a taped or live service. Much more appropriate than the current approach.

    — Consider having the “contemporary” service on Thursday nights and the the traditional services on Sunday mornings.

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