Two Updates from Pastor Jim

Dear Fern Creek UMC Family,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I am writing to share with you about two important matters.  First, we have now received guidelines concerning the re-entering of churches for in-person services from both Bishop Fairley and the Covid19 Task Force of the Kentucky Annual Conference and guidelines from the State of Kentucky.  Both of these are fairly detailed documents.  The Annual Conference Plan has 3 Phases which are as follows:

  • Phase I –  Preparing Facilities and Congregational Members for Re-Entry
  • Phase II – Re-Entry into Facilities and Worship
  • Phase III – Sustaining Safe Facilities and Health of Congregational Members

Our Transition/Health Team members have all received these documents.  This team will be having a Zoom meeting on Monday night, May 11, to formulate plans concerning a phased-in re-entering.  We will communicate extensively to the congregation as these plans are put in place.  

Secondly, I just wanted to take a moment to highlight a designated fund that we have for our church.  With a name change, it is now called, “The Helping Fund.”  This fund is designed to provide assistance to persons both within the FCUMC Family and those within the community.  We know that in the time of the Covid19 pandemic, needs have arisen due to the shut down of many places of employment and other circumstances.  If assistance is needed by anyone in the church, you may contact me at 270-585-2289.  Also, if you know of a situation where help is needed, you may also contact me.  Even beyond the time of Covid19, this fund is designed to provide assistance to persons.
Occasionally, we have a specific need that we put before the congregation and ask for your help.  Most recently, we were able to help someone secure the rental of a home.  I again want to thank you for your extreme generosity in helping in this way.  One reason that I am highlighting this fund now is to give each of us an opportunity to make donations to this designated fund before a larger need like this might present itself.  In this way, we will already have some funds in place to be able to give assistance to a person or family.
Quite often we have persons from the community stop by the church in need.  In these cases, we first make sure that they know about the availability of assistance from the Fern Creek Highview United Ministries.  However, there are some types of needs that FCHUM does not provide for or the need has arisen during a weekend or after hours of operation.  These are times that we consider and often provide help.
The Finance Team has drawn up policies concerning “The Helping Fund.”  For smaller amounts of assistance, these will be disbursed at the discretion of Pastor Jim with the knowledge of Lois Dambros, our Church Treasurer.  With larger amounts, these will be disbursed after consultation and approval with two other members of the Finance Committee.  Specific details are in the policy drawn up by the Finance Team.
I would like you to prayerfully consider making a donation to “The Helping Fund.”You can make a check out to “Fern Creek UMC” and memo it “The Helping Fund.”  Thank you for your extreme generosity!Finally, I want to thank you for your giving to several other ministries of the church including Street Reach, FCHUM, Palliative Care and others. These are extremely important ministries that thrive and are fruitful because of your generosity.  May you continue to bless these as well. Thank you!
In Christ,
Pastor Jim

Jim Kingry

Pastor of Fern Creek United Methodist Church

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